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Makeup Dupes from a Makeup Snob!

Makeup Dupes that are even better than High-end products!

From being a professional makeup artist and only working in high-end boutiques and for brands I honestly have never used drug-store makeup until recently. So when I found that the products were the exact same or even better, I was shocked! These are my honest reviews that are amazing and you will love them! Both are the best of the best!

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Little Leopard Jacket!

Happy Friday beauties! I have recently been listening to lots of inspiring podcasts. My favorite podcast to date is Style Your Mind, Episode 123: The Power of YOUR Personal Brand: What it is + how to create it! I was instantly inspired and sent it to every single one of my friends! Your personal brand, the way that you do life, your style of doing things.

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Shop with me at Ulta!

Ulta came to town! As a makeup artist professionally for 10 years I have learned some of the best drugstore and high-end beauty items. Ulta has figured it out! They have combined the best low-end and high-end beauty items. I am so excited Ulta has came to Rochester, MN. My sister-in-law who is also a fellow beauty lover and I made out way to their first day of their soft opening. I had a doctor apt then squeezed in before a spa day to grab some items that I needed to have!

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Botox and Cystic Acne!

You know when you have cystic acne and if you “pop” it only liquid comes out? That is extra oil. When botox is injected into the cystic acne. The injector first pierces the cystic acne blemish and then goes back in to inject the botox. This usually hurts more than the typical botox treatment for wrinkles because the spot is already inflamed, and swollen.

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Shop gifts for him & her!

Gift giving is my love language! I put so much thought into giving gifts to my friends, it makes me so happy! I have put together some fun items for her at selective price points! If you have a friend who has everything, take her out to lunch, buy her a mani, pedi gift certificate, facial gift card or a bottle of champagne! You can never go wrong with bubbles! I am so excited to share with you my Holiday gift guide!

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What I packed in my baby and me hospital bag!

When it comes to having a baby, it is on their time. Not yours. You can have a plan and sometimes it goes perfectly and other times it goes their way. That is just okay! As a mom we can prepare for as much as we can but do not stress yourself out. With my second child and a completely different delivery I want to share my must have items to pack in your baby & you hospital bag!

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Pregnancy safe skincare and beauty items from The Sephora VIB event!

With Sephora's beauty insider appreciation event, I will be sharing all of my favorite pregnancy safe skincare items, makeup must haves and my go-to hair items. These items are on discount until Monday September 3rd! When shopping online use these one-time codes or in-store you can shop unlimited times for 10-20% off depending on your status. Use codes YESROUGE for 20% off, YESVIB for 15% off and YESINSIDER for 10% off at checkout!

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What I’m Really Into Right Now!

Cheers babe, it’s 2018! Can you believe it? I have a feeling this is going to be such an amazing year for so many people, and it has already been an amazing start for me! I have found some new items that I am obsessed with I use daily. If you have any of my personal struggles, I hope this brings you joy this new year!

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