That Glam Mom, is just a boy mom!

We are so excited to have another baby boy arriving October 25th! This journey with my second pregnancy is completely different than with our son almost 5 years ago. It wasn’t my plan to wait this long in-between babies, that is just how it happened for us. I am still in shock that we are having another boy. I thought it was a girl because for 24 weeks I was so sick. The toilet was my best friend for about 15-20 times a day and as my husband would say any symptom that could happen during a pregnancy, happened to me. 

We recently found out that I have gallbladder disease, and a liver disorder. I have been dealing with stomach pains for the past 4.5 years that now the doctors have discovered after lots of tests. I have seen countless doctors over that past few years but now they are discovering what has been making me ill for so long. 

A part of me is happy that I am now receiving answers, but a part of me is terrified. Terrified because my doctors are worried about stillbirth. I am going into the hospital 2x a week for my babies heart rate to be monitored along with ultrasounds to check the fluid and the baby. If something happens, I will be delivering earlier than my induction date of October 25th which is 3 weeks earlier than my original due due of November 15th. However I am taking a few medications that make me feel so much better with my stomach problems.

With that I feel more like myself during the day and have my energy back! In the mist of finishing building a home, moving, changing my work schedule to very part-time to spend more time with my son. I pulled myself away from so much to focus my energy on my family and myself. I learned how to become stress-free and find my happiness and where I want to put my energy into especially when I had little of it these past few months. 

I am so excited to start blogging again. I had to have some time to see what I wanted to put out there and find my place in this crazy world of social media. I want to say thank you to you for reading my posts, for your support and for enjoying this life with me. I have some exciting things going on and I am ready to have you on this journey with me! Cheers to lots of pregnancy posts, mom life of a dinosaur loving boy, beauty tutorials and fun recipes to come!


XO That Glam Mom aka that boy mom!